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Other Guild News

Ulduar is here!!!!

Keeper of Scrolls, Apr 14, 09 6:52 AM.
Patch 3.1 is here, let the trumpets sound!!!

This week we will continue to raid as normal, but looking forward we need to determine our new raid schedule and I will need every members input on how we should proceed.

Please start doing your research on the wiki, tankspot, bosskillers, etc.  Find as much content as you can to help you prepare for the upcoming fights. 

Please see my blog for my thoughts on the release of Ulduar.

Guild recruitment

Keeper of Scrolls, Apr 12, 09 11:11 AM.
Hi all,

I recently signed up our guild on The WoW Headhunter, an awesome guild recruitment tool. The site has a really accurate personality assessment that tells you what kind of WoW player you are - I'm DSFV (The Helping Hand).
Find out your WoW personality with the link below:
Taking the test will register your WoW character and personality to our guild and helps us gain exposure to recruit better candidates.

Application Page

Keeper of Scrolls, Feb 10, 09 5:04 AM.

Click here for the application thread .

Simple cut and paste the application format into a new post and we will review and respond promptly.

Our Charter contains all the info you want to know regarding raid schedule, loot policy, guild structure, etc.

If you have any questions, please message any member in game and they will direct you to an officer.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kahboom / Ripiece

GuildBank Policy

Avandius, Dec 17, 08 10:59 AM.
Since we've activated the GuildBank I've been noticing alot of "trash" items are getting stored in there leaving it overflowing with junk that no one will ever take. While we really appreciate your donation, putting level 35 green items in there is just a waste of space.

Going forward, please only put Rare+ quality items within the GuildBank, green's are nice but generally quest rewards will always fullfill that role. If you want a crafted green set, then message the respective crafter in-game and set up your order.

Do NOT put in Burning Crusade or Classic:
  • Potions (Anything below Super Mana/Healing)
  • Consumables (No Battle or Gaurdian Elixirs for players under lvl 75)
  • Enchanting Mats (Not even Nexus, Arcane Dust, Shards, etc.)
  • Other Crafting Mats (Ore, Gems)
  • Raw or Cooked Produce (OR a single piece of meat, even if it is lvl 80 it wastes space to only have 1 out of 20 minor buff items)

If you have these items and wish to donate to the guild in some way, sell them on the AH or Vendor and deposit the resulting gold. If you feel you have alot of old enchanting mats but don't want to sell them, and would rather put them to good use. Keep them in YOUR bank and post here telling folks what you have a surplus of, if anyone is interested they will then contact you.

I'm tired of taking out Greater Mana Potions (Level 35) and selling them among alot of other low level items. This is an end-game guild the GuildBank should be populated with that in mind.

Thanks! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about a specific item. The coresponding post is HERE .


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